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detox bath bombs

these balms help your body de-stress and relax as well as cleanse you internally.

each one offers a different benefit.

these big balls are so great! lol

I made 4 different types so you can decide what is best for you..(available online soon, but you can get them locally at the farmer’s markets. see the locations page for where i am)

here are the instructions:

drop into very hot bath water+allow to dissolve. sit in hottest water you can stand for 15-60 minutes.drink plenty of water during+after. you may feel fatigued, nauseous and/or gassy. these are all symptoms of detoxification.

each one has different ingredients….

white=bentonite with chill pill (lavender, orange, chamomile, basil, mint+patchouli)

  • naturally forming clay which magnetically pulls toxins from the body and refreshes the skin. lowers the body’s pH. water can turn brown from pulling impurities.
  • clay carries negative electrons and toxins carry positive electrons. clay pulls them inside of the molecules. we use Sonne’s which is so pure you can drink it.

pink=red moroccan clay with lavender

  • works very similarly to bentonite but also has high concentrations of silica, potassium and calcium. has high level of ion exchange and is great for skin treatment. reduces dryness, flakiness and improves skin clarity and elasticity.

ingredients: baking soda, citric acid+detox ingredients+essential oil

these bath bombs are single use and are appx. 8 oz.

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